Unregulated underground ‘MMA’ event gets interrupted when a participant pulled out a gun

A serious problem recently arose at the King of The Streets event.

According to the video evidence, a number of participants  got into an altercation and one pulled out a gun.

Altercations or beefs leading up to an event can be a good way to entertain fans and sell tickets for the event. Some altercations are real while most are just gimmicks and vary from simply insulting each other to throwing hands.

A recent altercation at King of The Streets might be a bit too dangerous. Two athletes got into a brawl outside of the concrete venue.

Security had to take action to separate them. However, they found out one of them had a gun. So, the security needed to take serious action.

A small part of their altercation got captured on video. In the short video clip, a sound of a cocking gun can be heard before the clip ends. It is still unknown what caused the altercation. Presumably they got heated up in the lead up to their bout and a brawl occurred.

The video was uploaded to social media. Some combat sports fans replied to the video and were curious about what happened.

One fan said, “Would love to know what’s going on here. That’s the American guy who goes around Europe poking fighters’ eyes out.”

Another commented to make sure what the clicking sound was, “pistolet ???”

King of The Streets (KOTS) is an underground event that holds events at undisclosed locations.

They usually hold bouts in unusual places, such as parking lots, empty fields, or empty areas behind buildings. The officers during their events also wear various kinds of masks, such as referees, security guards, and judges as to not be recognized.

The setting is far too volatile for MMA and how lax they are with the rules is a fatality waiting to happen.