Ukrainian McGregor finished in round 1 – end of his UFC stint?

In lead up to UFC Vegas 56 much of the media attention was turned to Ukrainian MMA prospect Askar Mozharov. Once 21-12, he is now officially 19-13 with more and more suspicious fights unearthed.

Mozharov posted the following justification prior to UFC Vegas 56:

“For 7 years my record was fine but as soon as I got a fight in UFC you started destroying it. They didn’t like me from the start”

“I was framed by two people from Russia whom I trusted!”

Mozharov was matched up with Alonzo Menifield. Menifield finished him by elbows from crucifix.

Menifield wasn’t pleased about the fight getting overshadowed by controversy.

“It’s preposterous. Madness… I don’t want to insult him, but I’m like, are you for real about fighting or are you not?”

Mozharov published the following statement following knock out loss:

“Everything is fine ! Poorly recovered, weighed 93 kg, I almost didn’t have enough strength, I was very emotional, sometimes I have a lot of anger because of this, I lose a lot of strength! I’m trying to be cold-blooded, but it’s hard, in general, this whole path was hard, I didn’t concentrate much on the fight, thoughts flew about my relatives about the country, many who tried to break me psychologically before the fight and fell for a lot!”
” But despite this, I went out anyway, to prove only to myself that I can, and not to someone, I like to fight, this is my hobby! I’m not the perfect athlete! But I always go forward, even if it’s scary! Thank you very much to my seconds, who came a few days before the fight to support me @jaguarstriking_mma @renat_abu_ahmad I have many ideas for the future and big goals”