Ukrainian fighter wins, sends message: “Glory to Ukraine”

Ukrainian flyweight fighter Marina Moroz just defeated her opponent Mariya Agapova in a one-sided beatdown.

Moroz and Agapova shared a heated rivalry. The former teammates now rivals settled their differences in the octagon in a fight that favored the Ukrainian.

In the fight, Moroz got the better of her rival, by controlling her on the ground and giving her a nasty beating dropping heavy elbows from top. After that, she eventually was able to lock in the arm-triangle choke.

In her post-fight interview, Moroz opened up about the state of her country, but not before she thanked her sponsors.

“My country have war right now, and my family in Ukraine is in bad situation,” Marina told Joe Rogan at the post-fight interview. “Thank you for everyone for sending me messages of support.”

“It was hard for me… I want to cry” Moroz says as she starts tearing up. “Because it is for my country,”

After that, Marina starts chanting in Ukrainian which translated to “Glory to Ukraine”.

“Slava Ukraini! Heroiam slava! a Ukrainian national salute which translates to Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!” is reportedly what she said.

After that victory, Moroz is now in a three-fight win streak, fans expect the Ukrainian to fight someone near the flyweight top 10 ranking soon.