UFC’s worst athlete slams opponent for saying he gave up: ‘Dean Barry is a dirty cheating mfer”

A disqualification loss is not sitting well with Irish UFC athlete Dean Barry. Barry vented his frustrations online following the loss against Mike Jackson.

Barry came into the event thinking he was ‘cursed’. After all the Irishman has been having visa issues for over a year – and this delayed his debut. Barry was once a kickboxing sensation but has struggled to gain momentum in his MMA career thanks to administrative difficulties.

Barry lost to the worst athlete on the UFC roster. Mike Jackson is a journalist who the UFC tagged when it was time to get CM Punk (born Phil Brooks) a second chance in mixed martial arts.

Mike Jackson barely edged out a decision victory against Brooks – but said victory was then overturned to a no contest thanks to a pot induced hazed that pinged USADA’s test.

Everyone was surprised when the UFC booked Jackson for another UFC bout.

Mike Jackson was declared the winner after Dean Barry was disqualified following two intentional fouls in the first round of their welterweight contest at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

During the fight, Mike Jackson got wheel-kicked right into his private parts. His reaction to the foul  might as well be the best reaction to a low blow in UFC history.

“Oh my God, a spinning kick to the d*ck!” Jackson yelled right beside a UFC microphone. “Ah, f*ck! Ahh, that motherf*cker!”

After several minutes of well deserved recovery time, the bout continued.

However, much to Jackson’s despair, his opponent was about to land another foul. Later in the round, Dean Barry landed a nasty eye poke that once stopped the action due to a foul.

But despite the damning video evidence the Irishman feels he was wronged. He went live on his social media and shared the following accusing Jackson of taking ‘the easy way out’.

Jackson shared a mini update regarding his nether regions.

He shared no update on his eye – but it appears to be functional considering he’s snarking at the haters online.



But Jackson is now protesting Barry’s claims that he gave up and went on to call his opponent “a dirty cheating motherf—ker’.

“I was already done,” Jackson said on The Fighter vs. The Writer. “He could have just left it at that. In the ring, he’s ‘I’m sorry, my bad, not my intention.’ He could have left it at that. You didn’t have to go online and say ‘Mike quit.’ That’s what I’m saying.

“You’re trying to win at this point. You’re trying to look good. You’re trying to impress people. Whatever your strategy is. But it’s not a smart strategy. That’s why he had to delete his Twitter, for being a dumbass. That all falls on him. He literally did all this to himself and he tries to blame me for quitting.”

“I’m going to get into why I feel that it was intentional and why Dean Barry is a dirty cheating motherf—ker — initially as it happened, I saw his two fingers, I was literally looking at two fingers in my eye and I’m like ‘oh s—t his hand is in my eye,’” Jackson explained. “Then I feel the pain but from my view, I just saw two fingers. They looked straight, they didn’t look curled or anything like that but again, I felt the pain so that’s why I felt that he poked me.