UFC’s Strickland suspects Jeff Molina’s NSFW video leak was planned

Jeff Molina is a name that has been making headlines in the UFC recently. Molina was a ranked flyweight prior to the infamous James Krause situation. Molina not only trained under Krause, but was also a part of his sports betting venture.

UFC strategically released the news of his suspension and removal from rankings right around Christmas eve. The promotion was very careful about the PR side of the deal considering betting on UFC was at that point banned in one of the biggest Canada municipalities. This is a huge part of the betting market considering purchasing power in North America trumps most of the world.

While Molina’s UFC future hangs in the balance, a NSFW of Molina performing an act on another man surfaced. The alleged leak prompted Molina to pen a brave letter and confirm that he indeed is a part of the LGBT community.

A number of prominent names in the UFC community were supportive of the move including Xtreme Couture’s Chris Curtis.

This brought the statement to the attention of UFC Middleweight Sean Strickland. Strickland is known for his lack of filter. He went on to bring the conversation back to the thing that actually stands to compromise the UFC – the gambling situation.

And Strickland does appear to have a valid point. A little over a month ago Molina was as good as done in the UFC considering how vigilant they are to distance themselves from the gambling situation surrounding James Krause.

UFC’s Hollywood parent company might not have the easiest time trying to justify cutting a 11-2 formerly ranked flyweight that’s on a 10 win stream. Especially considering the diversity trump card.

Be that as it may, there’s been no update on the so called federal investigation into James Krause and their camp. Molina remains suspended by NY state athletic commission and Nevada state athletic commission.

Unlike Krause, his social media profiles are still active.