UFC’s Paulo Costa reveals he’s Russian-Brazilian even though he’s probably not

“Humm make sense, No actually doesn’t make sense” is a set of actual tweets posted by former UFC title challenger Paulo Costa which probably sums up his Twitter activity. The Brazilian often shares bizarre things on the platform, from Dana White gossip to flat earth content.

Recently, ‘The Eraser’ also tweeted cryptic tweets in Cyrillic font that confused the fans.

In the tweet accompanied by a Russian flag, Costa suggested his fans live every day with the same intensity he does.

“Live the day intensely [Russian flag]” as translated by Google Translate.

A fan responded to the tweet by pointing out that Costa is a Brazilian, then ‘Borrachinha’ then making another claim that he’s partly Russian.

“I am Russian-Brazilian.” Costa replied to the fan, translated from Russian by Google Translate.

The tweet got various responses from his fans and followers, some are taking it as a joke and some are not very fond of the Russian tweet, relating it to the current crisis in Ukraine that is heavily-involving Russia in it.  As per Costa’s wikipedia page he was born and raised in Brazil – and has no specified ties to Russia.

Despite the peculiar tweet, Costa has seen in the picture in a good shape and seems to look forwards to another fight soon.

Costa is currently on a two-fight losing streak, with a stoppage loss against the champion Israel Adesanya back in 2020 and a decision loss against fellow former title challenger, Marvin ‘The Italian Dream”.

The former contestant of “The Ultimate Fighter” is rumored to be in talks for a showdown against former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold in June. With the current state of his career  getting a win over a big-name opponent like Rockhold will be a massive bounce and solidify his position as a UFC top contender.