UFC’s Michael Chandler brags about ‘clinically high’ testosterone ahead of McGregor announcement

Popular UFC star Michael Chandler has captivated the world with his combat sports skills and unwavering determination. However, his remarkable physique has become an integral part of his identity.

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, the 37-year-old athlete discussed his physical condition and the methods he employs to maintain it. Chandler revealed the results of his recent blood test, which showcased his testosterone levels as exceptional for his age.

“I just got my blood work done, got my testosterone levels checked, all of my levels checked. Your boy’s in good shape, your boy is in good health. And I was talking to the doctor that I did the blood work with and asked the question why is my testosterone in such a great spot? Why is it in a very clinically high position?”

According to Chandler, his testosterone levels can be attributed to various factors including his commitment to intense weight training.

Additionally, Chandler incorporates specific health-focused practices into his routine, such as red-light therapy, proper sleep, cold therapy, and more.

Chandler continued: “Red-light therapy, using a sauna every now and then just to sweat out the toxins when maybe I don’t get a great sweaty workout in that week. So, lifting heavy weights, sleep, cold therapy, red-light therapy, and sauna. Those are kind of things that I think are contributing to my overall body feeling phenomenal.”

Tony Ferguson previously accused Chandler of juicing with an emoji ahead of their now infamous match up.

Chandler was often the target of PED abuse suspicions.

In an interview with  MMA fighting, Chandler responded to accusations and said:

“There’s absolutely no validity whatsoever,” Chandler said. “I’ve never touched a PED. The good thing is, I can sit back and see the accusations and see the things people say. Any sane person would say that’s a feather in my cap: ‘You obviously look so good or you’re such a conditioned athlete that people accuse you of those kinds of things.’ For him to say that, I don’t really understand where his basis is. All he’s ever said is ‘I think he’s using them’ or ‘He is using them.’”