UFC’s Julian Marquez gets trolled mercilessly following KO loss to Gregory Rodrigues

UFC Austin last weekend was full of good finishes. From prelims to the main card, the fighters successfully delivered electrifying fights that put the fans on the edge of their seats.

However, in every fight, one fighter must taste the agony of defeat. One of them was ‘The Cuban Missile Crisis’ Julian Marquez.

Marquez was known for his call out directed at famous singer Miley Cyrus in his post-fight interview at UFC 258 back in February 2021. Instead of challenging other fighters, Marquez asked Cyrus to be his valentine.

Cyrus then quickly responded that she’d go out with him if he shaved her initials into his chest hair. But Marquez made a counterdemand for Cyrus to make a tattoo of his nickname on her stomach.

The pop star then responded with “This could be yours but you dumb,” in her Instagram story, ultimately ending the supposed-to-be love story.

Last Saturday, he faced the Brazilian Gregory Rodrigues on the main card. Unfortunately for Marquez, he got sparked in the first round by TKO.

Following the loss, Marquez revealed a hateful message he got from a fan that appears to lose money after betting on him. In the message, the fan also mentioned his brief story with Miley Cyrus in his long rant.

“Wake up sleepy head. You bum you just got pieced to the shadow realm. Ur dead. Na ur not good ur f***ing dogs**t and u sold the lay so hard. Go to hell you f***ing bum. F**k you. Miley Cyrus doesn’t want your c**k. You made greg rich tonight good s**t. Gregory knocked any last brain cells u had into another dimension my boy.”


But despite having an unpleasant message from a fan, Marquez shared a warm moment with his opponent Rodrigues on Twitter. There, Rodrigues thanked Marquez for the fight and Marquez also replied similarly, thanking ‘Robocop’ for the lessons.