UFC’s Jorge Masvidal was in disbelief at Disneyland’s ‘Hoodest’ scrap

Jorge Masvidal is set to face Gilbert Burns at UFC 287 on his home turf, where he envisions a last hurrah at the title shot.

Despite being on a three-loss streak, the welterweight is determined to return to the winner’s column.

But in a surprising turn of events, Masvidal shared a video of a scrap that occurred at Disneyland on his popular social media accounts.

The video shows two couples breaking into an argument and eventually inflicting damage on each other, with one man even knocking out a woman on the streets.

Masvidal, who has built a popular image of a backyard scrapper in combat sports during his two-decade-long association, captioned the post with “Not in front of the children…” expressing concern over the incident.

The lack of action by the security personnel at Disneyland surprised both the onlookers and the 35-16 record holder, raising concerns about the impact on children.

The video shared by Masvidal has garnered various reactions from his fans. While some found the incident amusing, others expressed concern over the violent nature of the brawl.

One user joked about the situation, saying “Finally, a show I liked at Disney!” While another commented, “Honestly, being at Disney world gets me like this too.” A fan even pointed out that the scrap looked more like dancing: “They just dancing around like Mickey and Minnie.”

However, others expressed concern over the incident, particularly the fact that the women were hit during the altercation.

The video resulted in one man, Avery Robinson of Las Vegas, being sentenced to six months in jail after pleading guilty to one felony count and several misdemeanors. The other two involved, Andrea Robinson and her husband, Daman Petrie of Compton, failed to appear for their court date in Fullerton and are now fugitives from justice. Andrea Robinson faced five misdemeanors while Petrie faced one count of battery.

The fact that the incident occurred at Disneyland, a place widely known for its family-friendly atmosphere, has raised questions about the security protocols in place.

Masvidal’s concern about the impact on children is valid, as they are often present at the theme park. The lack of intervention from security has also been a cause for concern. While some fans found the incident amusing, the consequences of the violent brawl could have been dire.

UFC 287 is rumored to be taking place in Miami, Florida, but as of now, it has not been officially confirmed by the UFC. The official announcement will be coming soon. Burns seems excited for the event, since Miami is also his homebase: