UFC’s Jon Anik talked about Masvidal’s legacy and accidentally crushed Colby Covington’s existence

Famous UFC commentator, Jon Anik, didn’t shy away from taking a shot at Colby Covington during UFC 278 last weekend.

Colby Covington is no stranger to trash-talking, and it’s one of the things he’s most known for. However, he may have crossed a line when he threatened Jon Anik after Anik disagreed with his title shot.

This decision was seen as controversial by many fans, who believed that other top-ranked athletes were more deserving of a shot at the championship, including Belal Muhammad.

Muhammad accused Covington of having “white privilege,” a statement that did not sit well with the welterweight star.

He responded by calling Muhammad racist and accusing Anik of being a “cheerleader” for him. Things only escalated from there, with Covington threatening Anik’s safety in an interview with MMA Fighting.

However, Anik fired back at Covington during UFC 278, comparing him to his rival, Jorge Masvidal. Masvidal may not be the better athlete compared to Covington, but he has more star power, thanks to his recent knockout wins over Darren Till and Ben Askren.

“I just think he is the most relatable athlete to me and many others on this roster. He has never once, unlike Colby Covington, had to step out of his own skin to have a fanbase, right?” Anik said.

Masvidal is surely the inferior athlete compared to Colby. But, ‘Gamebred’ has more star power. His knockout win over Darren Till and Ben Askren has sent him into stardom, making him one of the biggest UFC stars.