UFC’s Ian Garry was previously kicked out for becoming ‘uncoachable’ after letting wife manage him

Ian Garry may be on the fast track to success in the world of mixed martial arts, but recent revelations about his history with gyms shed light on some earlier troubles in his career.

Garry has an undefeated record of 13 fights and a current rank of 13th in the UFC welterweight division, his journey to stardom seemed unstoppable. His latest win against Neil Magny by unanimous decision only solidified his potential. Moreover, he previously held the welterweight championship at Cage Warriors, Europe’s premier MMA promotion.

However, a storm has been brewing in the background. It all started when the 25-year-old shared that he had been expelled from Leon Edwards’ Team Renegade gym. Both Garry and Edwards were gearing up for UFC 296, where they are slated to compete. But during his time at Team Renegade, Garry found himself at odds with Dave Lovell, coach of UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards.

Garry maintained that Lovell believed his presence made Edwards feel insecure and doubtful, which caused friction within the gym. Team Renegade, in response, stated that while they occasionally welcome outsiders, this is viewed as a privilege, not the norm. They believed Garry’s approach didn’t align with the gym’s core values.

This gym drama swiftly became a hot topic on social media. As the tension between Garry and Edwards simmered, fans debated over which side was in the wrong. However, new information has come to light, suggesting that Garry has a history of problematic behavior in the gym.

An MMA enthusiast on YouTube unearthed an old statement from Garry’s previous team, Team KF Martial Arts. In this statement, it’s revealed that Ian Garry was expelled from the gym.

Team KF Martial Arts suggested that Garry no longer adhered to the core values of the gym: loyalty, honor, and respect. They also hinted at multiple issues between Garry and his teammates and coaches.

The statement read, “Some of the values that we openly promote are loyalty, honor, and respect. When an individual no longer abides by these values and expects special privileges due to their contributions to the club, that individual will be informed that their position as a team member is untenable.”

It went on to explain, “With that in mind, Ian Garry was informed that he was no longer a member of the club after repeated warnings regarding his behavior towards other teammates and coaches, issues that had become more pronounced since the appointment of a new manager.”

Garry appointed his now wife as his manager. The two would hire her ex husband to be his dietician and Garry would even adopt the ex husband’s last name so that he would share a last name with her two sons (latter of which was Garry’s biological child).

This statement dates back to 2021, and it’s surprising given that Garry’s previous team played a crucial role in his development, ultimately helping him secure the Cage Warriors championship.

Despite the controversies surrounding his past, Garry is scheduled to return to the octagon at UFC 296, set for December 16 in Nevada. In the main card, the Irish fighter will face Vicente Luque, the number 9 contender in the welterweight division. MMA fans are eager to see how ‘The Future’ will fare in his upcoming bout.