UFC’s former champion Chris Weidman thought his leg might get amputated after catastrophic break

Many MMA fans are condemning Conor McGregor for basically manufacturing an USADA loophole in order to speed up the timeline for his return.

McGregor is one of the three UFC veterans to have suffered catastrophic leg breaks during a clash – with the other two being Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman.

Anderson Silva was 38 when he snapped his tibia and fibula in his rematch against Chris Weidman at UFC 168 in 2013.

Weidman threw a leg kick at Uriah Hall during the opening minutes of their bout. Hall checked the kick and caused Weidman’s fibula to snap, Weidman hasn’t competed since.

Three out of four UFC stars in this picture suffered catastrophic leg breaks
Three out of four UFC stars in this picture suffered catastrophic leg breaks

McGregor had suffered a broken left fibula and tibia in his clash against Dustin Poirier in 2021.

While many criticize McGregor over the fact he’s checked out of the USADA testing pool, fans seldom know that this kind of an injury can also compromise one’s life and not just their professional career.

Chris Weidman recently guested on the MMA Hour where he opened up about his injury.

“Well, there was definitely moments in the beginning where I just was, I just wanted to be able to walk again. Yeah, you know, I just wanted to not have my leg amputated and all that stuff.”

“And then once I got to the point of walking, and then I was, it’s, it’s been, I’ve been through a lot, for sure. Yeah, there’s moments where I was like, I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to do this. ”

“You know? Because this has been such a such a process. I’ve had 29 surgeries. Wow. Now when I just had four surgeries on this leg, not well, so it was when I had 25 surgeries. Now, I had 25 before this, like and then now I just have four more. So I’ve been through the wringer.”

Weidman is still planning to return to the UFC and have one last run – but before that he’ll test himself in a return to competitive grappling. He is scheduled to compete at Polaris 23 against one of UK’s very own.

Earlier last year McGregor slammed Anthony Smith’s condemnation over USADA loophole explaining that his entire life could’ve been jeopardized if he didn’t approach his medical treatment adequately.

Weirdman hasn’t competed since April of 2021 and is apparently still having pain related to injury. Meanwhile Conor McGregor readies for a return sometime in the fall after he re-enters the USADA pool and spends 6 months there.