UFC’s Diego Lopes admits he’s superstitious about his hair

Diego Lopes, the rising UFC featherweight prospect, has admitted that he is superstitious about cutting his signature long hair.

In a recent interview, Lopes revealed he’s quite superstitious about it.

When asked about his long, flowing locks, Lopes said through a translator “Yeah, it’s like a superpower every time he tries to cut his hair, like, it doesn’t go that good.”

The Brazilian’s hair has become his trademark look inside the Octagon, with his long bangs bouncing around as he unleashes kicks and punches on opponents.

However, Lopes confessed he feels it gives him power and doesn’t want to disrupt his momentum by chopping it off.

“He doesn’t have any plans [to cut it] right now. He’s had his hair like that for a long time, so he wants to keep it that way,” his translator revealed.

Lopes admitted every time he’s tried to cut his hair previously, things haven’t gone well for him. It seems he’s attached some superstition to his mane remaining lengthy.

The 29-year-old is nicknamed ‘Daico’ and boasts an impressive 23-6 record in MMA. He joined the UFC in 2023 and has since gone 1-2 inside the Octagon. Despite the loss, he won over many fans.

With his grappling prowess and ever-improving striking skills, Lopes is emerging as one of the hottest prospects in the 145lb division.

But it appears his hair is here to stay for the foreseeable future as Lopes remains superstitious about picking up the scissors and trimming his locks.