UFC’s Derek Brunson takes offense at “Drag The Kids To Pride” event

Despite the world of MMA being very masculine and dominated by heterosexuals, the PRIDE month has generated a good deal of controversy.

Previously UFC’s prospect Jeff Molina revealed the backlash he encountered for sporting PRIDE tribute shorts. Mind you, the shorts are pretty much identical to the regular UFC shorts with the name on them being written in rainbow colors as the only distinctive difference.

Yet the backlash has been immense. This is in part thanks to the UFC flag ban. UFC seems determined to only stick to freedom of speech ideals when it suits their profit margins.

Regardless of the fact, the ‘grooming’ accusations are a real issue in 2022. This is an issue that’s emerged in light of a controversial Florida bill.

Derek Brunson, 38, has “no problem with gay people,” but he feels that a recent PRIDE month tribute went a tad too far.

The event, held at Mr. Misster in Dallas, Texas was promoted as “Drag The Kids To Pride”.  The nightclub was encouraging parents to bring their children on Saturday morning for a kick off celebration of Pride Month.

A video of the event posted online showed drag queens taking dollar bills from kids’ hands while dancing.

“There’s nothing against the LGBTQ community. It’s more about protecting kids. Their minds aren’t mature enough for these types of behavior.”

“This is bit much . Children at a provocative drag show… Can we protect our children more in today’s society . Children don’t need to be at strip clubs , or any provocative show throwing money . SMFH “🤢”  *read the message on the board in the background” …

Derek Brunson continued:

“It’s not gonna lick itself” sign , throwing dollars , twerkin in splits right in front of kids . Search the event to see more. And there’s nothing against the LGBTQ community . It’s more about protecting kids, their minds aren’t mature enough for these types of behaviors “👌🏾”

“It’ll be the same response from me if pictures of children in a strip club was floating around the internet . FYI I’m not god , I don’t have no problem with gay people . They’re some of the coolest folks . But this is some BS.”