UFC’s Charles Jourdain calls out ‘trans’ MMA judge after split decision loss

In a recent twist of events at UFC 297, featherweight contender Charles Jourdain sparked controversy by expressing dissatisfaction with the judges’ decision in his split loss to Sean Woodson. Jourdain took to social media to voice his discontent, making contentious statements.

The 28-year-old Canadian faced Woodson in a highly anticipated matchup on the preliminary card. Despite entering the octagon with a 2-win streak, Jourdain found himself grappling with Woodson’s reach advantage, hindering his ability to inflict significant damage. The three-round bout saw Woodson strategically leveraging his height advantage, landing effective shots and securing a split decision victory.

The judges’ decision left Jourdain disappointed, and the confusion escalated during the official announcement when UFC announcer Bruce Buffer muddled the winner’s name, causing both fighters to believe they had won. UFC commentator Daniel Cormier clarified the situation, affirming Woodson as the true victor.

Days after the match, Jourdain continued to harbor grievances, taking to social media to vent his frustration. In a controversial post, he alluded to the judges being transgender individuals who held a bias against him.

“Men, I got the best warriors following me. My DMs are blowing up. You guys are the best. I’m sure the judge was trans, and he hated me,” Jourdain wrote, introducing a contentious narrative surrounding the judges’ decision.

It’s essential to note that post-fight emotions can run high, and athletes may express frustration in various ways. However, Jourdain’s choice of words has raised eyebrows within the MMA community.

The controversy unfolds against the backdrop of Jourdain’s impressive record, which now stands at 15 wins, 7 losses, and 1 draw. In contrast, Woodson extends his streak to four wins, boasting a total record of 11 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw.

As the MMA community grapples with the aftermath of UFC 297, Jourdain’s statements add a layer of uncertainty and controversy to an otherwise thrilling bout.

The narrative surrounding the judges’ decision remains a topic of discussion, emphasizing the subjective nature of scoring in mixed martial arts.