UFC’s Bryce Mitchell doubles down on ‘flat Earth’ theory, tries to explain it

In his ongoing social media attacks on Joe Rogan, Bryce Mitchell has reiterated his belief that the Earth is flat. UFC featherweight expressed his frustration over Rogan “making fun of flat-Earthers” and demanded a debate. But Bryce Mitchell was unable to elicit a response from Rogan.

Mitchell didn’t let it pass and posted a video on Instagram arguing that NASA is mistaken regarding the dynamics of the sun and planets as well as the form of the Earth. Mitchell began the approximately three-minute video by saying:

“Hey Joe Rogan! Since you’re too s*ssy to debate me, I’m just going to prove you wrong on Instagram with simple geometry. If you don’t know simple geography, have Jamie [Vernon] Google it for you. He will also wipe your a** for you too, I’m sure.”

Mitchell previously challenged Rogan to a debate with a different video.

Mitchell gave “evidence” for the claim that the conventional solar system model was illogical arguing that the rays should be perpendicular not radial. All while not getting the scale of the model right at any point in the video.

“This is where we disagree that the sun is like this and that the earth is like this. Okay. Because I can sit here and post a picture which I did swipe over. You’ll see a picture of 150 plus degrees of the light from the sun hitting the surface of the earth. That’s impossible.”

The more interesting aspect of the post is that resident cult abuse victim Diego Sanchez piped in with his two cents worth in addition to another UFC veteran – Al Iaquinta.

Thug Nasty issued another challenge to the well-known podcaster as he wrapped off his video:

“If you wanna get smoked, just have me on your podcast, buddy. I’ll smoke you like a brisket.”

Joe Rogan has often been charged with spreading a considerable amount of conspiracies. However, he rejects the flat Earth theory outright.

“I want to believe but I’m also objective. You got to be both. I know you want to believe the Earth is flat. I’m super sorry, but it appears to be round as f–k. Just like every other planet we’ve ever looked at all of them. Imagine how crazy you’d be if Earth was flat?”

“Well, here’s the problem with this idea, you f—ing dummies. A lot of the people behind this idea believe that it was created by God like on a pizza tray. Like that. This is part of a religious belief is that God made this flat earth and the cosmos and it’s all about us.”

“This is part of it. This is this is connected to your group. Joe, you’re so arrogant when you really didn’t know I’m fucking dumb. Okay, but I’m smart enough to know the world is round. Crazy a–holes.”