UFC’s Brian Ortega got caught lusting after honeypot celeb pics in fall out from Cortez diss

Popular UFC featherweight competitor Brian Ortega has been facing challenging times since his separation from fellow UFC competitor Tracy Cortez. Although both parties have remained tight-lipped about their breakup, recent events have led to a war of words. This incident has probably been triggered by Cortez’s association with former middleweight title challenger Paulo Costa.

In a surprising turn of events, Ortega’s actions came under scrutiny when he was discovered to have been liking semi-naked posts on Twitter. Some of them appeared to be digitally altered. One of the posts he liked was also of UFC strawweight Diana Belbita.

It seems like the majority of MMA fans have expressed empathy for Brian Ortega as he navigates through this personal turmoil.

Brian Ortega and Tracy Cortez made their relationship public in 2020 and even announced their engagement the following year. But earlier this year, the couple surprisingly decided to part ways. This led to both of them deleting each other’s pictures from social media platforms.

Initially, there was no drama surrounding their breakup. But it seems like Paulo Costa caused controversy by posting a picture with Cortez. Although Costa later clarified the situation by sharing a video with his girlfriend Tamara Alves, the damage had already been done.

Ortega took the first jab, insinuating that he was the one who initiated the end of the relationship and did not make a mistake.

Ortega stated: “Everyone out here talking bout I fumbled. Y’all must not know the rules of the game. When you drop the ball on accident that’s a fumble , but when you throw it away on purpose. That’s called a complete pass . Top G sh*t!”

Tracy Cortez fired back at Ortega, saying:

“Let me just say that to this day, I’ve yet to say anything negative about you or bash your name! Don’t start throwing shade now 😂😂 I’m blessed 🙏🏽😌 #MoveWithLove”

Some of thirst tweets Brian Ortega liked are: