UFC’s Bobby Green has been giving away the $60k he brought to media day – but he got robbed of the last $20k

UFC lightweight veteran Bobby Green turned heads at a UFC Vegas 71 media day interview by bringing an impressive $60,000 in cash. However, Green’s purpose for displaying this substantial sum became apparent as he explained that money serves as a powerful motivator.

While some might view Green’s decision to flaunt a stack of cash as unconventional, it’s evident that the fighter is deeply committed to securing his financial future. He conveyed:

“It’s a prop to my outfit. It’s not really much, it’s only 60 thousand, not much. And I say cash is trash, so it’s not really anything but for me, it’s motivation. It lets me know what exactly I’m looking for, it lets me know that…”

Bobby Green has since defeated fan favorite Tony Ferguson and is booked to face Grant Dawson next weekend.

Ahead of the clash he opened up on what he’s done with the $60,000. Green told Shakiel Mahjouri:

“Remember that 60 grand? I have been giving it away for the last year or so.”

“I’m gonna get to people and helping people. And I think I had like 20 grand left, right? And just recently, like a week or two ago, I got robbed for the 20 grand. And not literally on me, cause I’ll be dead right now. I’m gonna die before I let somebody take something from me and they need not fight. And so what I think what happened was, I was here for my buddy, Alex of Reyes’s fight. He’s fighting, I’m here down here, I’m training for my fight and I’m helping him. I’m dead tired. I must have freaking left my sunroof open. I left my sunroof open, I think they went into the sunroof and got my bag full of 20 (grand of) cash.

But Green isn’t sour about it: “it’s a blessing to someone. Someone really needed it. If you need to jump into a sunroof to get some money, you probably really needed it.”