UFC’s Belal Muhammad confirms Paddy Pimblett’s story is a lie

Paddy Pimblett has been all over the news thanks to his strange decision to call out MMA’s leading journalist for exploiting athletes – in front of his boss Dana White (who is actually exploiting athletes).

But it wasn’t all hate comments and Ariel love for Paddy. This week started with a viral video of Paddy Pimblett being an affable good neighbor and offering to clean the remnants of his dog’s poop from a random yard.

At UFC 282 media day, Pimblett joked,

“I’ve been asked more about that than my fight over the past week. Not messing. I’ve been asked more about that sloppy s*** than I have about Jared Gordon. I’m not even taking a p*ss either.”

Pimblett is scheduled to face Jared Gordon as the co-main event. But this won’t be the first time the two are sparring – according to Pimblett anyway.

Paddy claims he did jiu-jitsu with Gordon one time in Renzo Gracie’s infamous blue basement and that at the time he managed to get Gordon to submit twice.


Gordon disputes the claim.

But another party was apparently present. UFC Welterweight Belal Muhammad and according to him, Gordon is in the right – there was no grappling exchange between the two.