UFC veteran brands Paddy Pimblett ‘professional social media guy whose hobby is fighting’

Paddy Pimblett had quite a steep fall from grace this week. In a short span of a week, perception of Paddy went from media darling and intriguing prospect into UFC hype job akin to Sage Northcutt.

Nevertheless Pimblett is 4-0 in the UFC and has an MMA record consisting of 20 wins and 3 losses. His last loss was back in 2018 against Soren Bak via decision.

While many think Pimblett is a youthful prospect thanks to his charming personality, he’s actually 27 and has quite a number of MMA outings under his belt.

Pimblett scored an unanimous decision win over Jared Gordon at UFC 282 – to the dismay of UFC athletes, MMA media and fans watching at home.

UFC veteran Matt Brown recently delivered an interesting criticism of Paddy:

“He’s a professional social media guy. His hobby is fighting. What else would he say? Right. He doesn’t have a real answer for it. Of course he’s going to go ahead and go with the narrative that he won. If he admits defeat, then it makes him look worse. So, you know, just that. And it makes us sit here and talk about it more, right?”

“That’s all that he really wants. He wants more clicks. He wants more views. He’s a social media professional. He’s an amateur fighter.”

“So anyway, what I’m getting at is do the like. I wouldn’t expect him to say anything different publicly. ”

“The only way he’s going to prove is if he goes back and does some soul searching, you know, in his room by himself, not on social media, not on YouTube, not on whatever tik tok f***ing s*it that he’s famous on.”

Matt Brown is not the only prominent Paddy critic out there – though he might be the harshest. Daniel Cormier recently compared Pimblett to Conor McGregor – who famously knocked out Dustin Poirier on his fourth outing in the UFC.

“You know what’s crazy? When they compare him [Pimblett] to McGregor…. In McGregor’s fourth fight, he beat Dustin Poirier [at UFC 178 via TKO]… and then he beat Max Holloway. We can’t really compare their accomplishments, especially in the first four fights.” Cormier explained on latest edition of DC & RC.