UFC veteran Andrei Arlovski shares story of saving a girl from immigrants

UFC legend Andrei Arlovski just spoke about an incident in which he beat up some immigrants for harassing a girl. Arlovski was interviewed by a Ушатайка channel and he talked about several topics which include the incident.

Arlovski mentioned that he was in London with his family when his son noticed a woman being attacked by one of “3 or 4 Albanians”.

The “Pitbull” went to them and inquired about the situation.

“I just came up and said, what’s the matter?”

He was a bit out of it and got attacked by one of the men.

“And the one on the left, who was standing in front of me, hit me in the ear right away.”

The former UFC heavyweight champion quickly retaliated. He pushed the man away and then landed an uppercut on his fellow who was messing with the lady.

“I push him away, to the right, I dropped a dude who was holding this girl with an uppercut.”

The men started to flee while Arlovski’s wife stopped him from going after them.

“And there they began to run away, the children immediately to the side, there the wife is trying to protect me.”

Arlovski said that “the most interesting thing is that the police were standing there.”

He was surprised that they weren’t intervening.

“And while I look at them [the police], I say, are you kidding me or something like that?”

Arlovski described the inability of the police to deal with such crimes. He said that “there are areas where they don’t even go in,” and this was “the center of London”.

He said that the woman was “no more than 35 years old” and just wanted “to rent a bike and go smoothly, because everything was blocked.”

The veteran was asked if he got any injuries and he said:

“And the next morning I get up, there were no bruises, my hand was a little swollen, and there was a bruise here.”

Arlovski said that his friend warned him about constantly getting into conflicts out and about as it could lead to legal trouble.

“And then there would be, I don’t know, some kind of judicial persecution.”

Arlovski told the interviewer that he had to get physical once he was physically attacked.

“Well, here, when they already drove into the ear, it was necessary to do something right.”

While the men fled, Arlovski said that usually, these types “do not give up,”.