UFC vet Jake Shields Responds to Israel Adesanya Super Fan Callout

Jake Shields has long been gone from the UFC. MMA veteran of over 20 years is retired from the sport and is something of a social media influencer as of late. Shields has been advocating for several questionable takes – especially where health is concerned.

But he is a professional mixed martial artists none the less and as such it’s not particularly wise to actually want to confront him.

Shields is also infamous for interacting with internet trolls – and in some ways is a troll himself.

Recently Shields reposted a challenge from an Israel Adesanya superfan Boogerbeard.

“I promised I would have a fight coming. Now, it’s time to deliver. I will peel the skin from Jake Shields body, and wear him like a skinsuit.” Boggerbeard posted online.

Shields was quick to reply to a challenge adding:

“I’ve been challenged to a fight by an internet troll

I’m gonna leave it up to you the fans how badly I beat him and what I should Finish him with”

Israel Adesanya gave MMA super fan his UFC 263 belt previously. “This is the greatest privilege I could ever dream of man,” Boogerbeard tweeted afterwards to his 22,000 followers.

The thing is – Jake Shields is long way off from his days as a pro. He last fought in 2018 when he was finished by Ray Cooper III at PFL. And even during his time as a pro – Shields couldn’t always be relied on to deal with the trolls.

Many longtime fans often cite the infamous show ‘Bully Beatdown” that pitted pro mixed martial artist against trolls. Notable names that appeared on the show are aEddie Alvarez – and Jake Shields.

But unlike Alvarez – Shields actually struggled with his ‘Bully’.


Eddie Alvarez on the show