UFC vet Forrest Griffin would trade his manhood for Gordon Ryan’s jiu-jitsu skills

Gordon Ryan just went through one of the biggest weekends of his career. Ryan defeated longtime foe Andre Galvao in a one sided match and submitted him. This is after years of heated exchanges between the two that even culminated in a slapping incident.

Ryan downplayed the weekend’s significance as per usual. In an interview he told FloGrappling the first day of ADCC was a rest day, the second day is another rest day and then he can get back to the gym and start training.

Not to mention he’d won the over 99 kilograms ADCC division having submitted former teammate Nick Rodriguez in the finals with a heel hook.

Ryan has been busy on social media but other parts of the combat sport world are still digesting all the good action from ADCC.

This prompted TUF alumni and UFC Hall of famer Forrest Griffin to pipe in with a particular hypothetical.

“Serious question if you could trade your penis for Gordon Ryan jujitsu skills would you? I’m leaning yea. Ladies, pretty easy choice.”

While many casuals admitted they would jump on the offer several men actually said no.

One fan in particular replied with this nugget:
“Sex is temporary, rolling geezers into a Japanese necktie with ease is permanent”

“Forrest Griffin late night thoughts are on another level” another fan sounded.

While many speculate that Ryan will be headed to MMA this is unlikely. Ryan has an active contract with ONE FC which mostly relates to him promoting their events on his booming social media. Considering they also started PED testing it’s even less likely especially considering Ryan is making bank just staying on top of the grappling game.

Ryan’s longtime foe Felipe Pena had an underwhelming performance at ADCC and is rumored to be headed straight to ADCC after a submission only grappling match with Ryan that’s on the books.