UFC vet Dan Hardy delivers an eloquent takedown of Power slap

Slap competition has recently gained attention after the UFC announced its venture called the “Power Slap League.” This move has stirred controversy among safe sports advocates who argue that slap as a combative sport poses increased health risks to its stars.

The UFC President, Dana White, has received approval from the Nevada State Athletic Commission to hold slap competitions under the commission in Las Vegas. This is especially controversial consider NSAC won’t even license Bare knuckle boxing.

A former chairmen has since expressed his regret about the move.

Erik Magraken, a B.C.-based combat sport regulatory lawyer, and licensed MMA and kickboxing judge, is among those who criticize slap. Magraken calls it a “combat spectacle” rather than a sport, saying it is a step backward in the world of combative sports.

In response to criticism, White has stated that the Power Slap League would be regulated like MMA. He argues that the criticism is the same kind of criticism UFC faced when they first started.

Now a UFC veteran has given his carefully crafted opinion on the matter. Hardy was active in MMA from 2004 until 2012 and subsequently worked for the UFC until they parted ways following his public criticism of the promotion, in particularly in terms of safety.

“Is dangerous. Is very, very dangerous now. Now, I went through I went through the years where the UFC, where mixed martial arts wasn’t accepted. So I had a lot of people telling me that I shouldn’t be doing what I was doing because they didn’t understand it. So I’m trying not to projects my opinions on to Power Slap as the thing in itself.”

“My main issue with it is that it’s so closely tied to the UFC. Like we fought for years and years when I fought GSP. It was 2010. It wasn’t that long ago. Most of my interview questions were about MMA. Why should it be a legitimate sport? I had people thrown in the woods fighting at me and stuff and like I am a professional athlete.”

“I train all day, every day. I am working on my skill set. I’m working on my my physical condition in my sport, psychology. I don’t drink. I’m dedicated with my diet. And you’re treating me like I’m a thug. It’s not fair because I was dedicated to a sport. But then some time was passed. And I guess I guess in a way it reflects how strong the UFC brand is that now they can stick power, slap on the side of it and don’t feel like they’re doing damage to the sport.”

“If you had done that in 2010, it would have completely invalidates the UFC as a brand because people were still on the fence about it. But now again, I feel like Dana feels like he’s untouchable because they are ramming the Power Slap League down our throats. I’ve unfollowed Dana and the UFC on Instagram because I’m sick of seeing it popping up.”

“I go and fight pass because I’m researching fights and it’s there on the front page. Basically, two guys just taking free swings at one another. Like, it’s just it’s for money. But they’re trading brain cells for cash and they’re only offering you a couple of thousand dollars to do it anyway. It’s not like it’s not it’s not like it’s going to change your life.”

Hardy concluded: “It misses the point of combat. Sports is not a sport because there’s not a competitiveness to is the person that can get up after taking full power slaps. That’s that in my eyes is ridiculous.”