UFC vet Brendan Schaub admits to dying mustache after initially claiming it’s natural

Former UFC star and podcast host Brendan Schaub has come clean about dyeing his mustache, contrary to his earlier assertions that it was entirely natural. The revelation was made during a casual conversation on a podcast where Schaub, discussing the color of his facial hair, initially denied using any dye.

In the conversation, Schaub’s friend pointed out the contrast between the dark shade of his mustache and the appearance of some gray hair. Schaub initially denied using any dye but eventually admitted to having used “Just For Men” to darken his mustache.

He humorously shared that the result was not as expected, and he briefly resembled Tom Selleck before the color settled.

The conversation also touched on the challenges of aging, with Schaub jokingly mentioning that getting older was tough and expressing surprise at the amount of gray hair on his face despite his relatively young age.

Schaub’s candid admission adds a humorous and relatable touch to the topic of personal grooming and aging, resonating with audiences who appreciate authenticity and transparency in celebrity discussions.


Previously Schaub got called out for alleged Lip filler injections – but this is another thing he vehemently denied getting done despite the damning photos.

He dismissed the video evidence as speculation.