UFC Vegas 82: Chase Hooper reverses, outgrapples Jordan Leavitt, scoring RNC win

In the thrilling showdown of UFC Vegas 82, Chase Hooper and Jordan Leavitt squared off in an intense display of skills at the UFC Apex. The highly anticipated bout promised a spectacle of seamless transitions and intense grappling exchanges, drawing attention from MMA enthusiasts worldwide.

The match lived up to expectations, predominantly unfolding on the canvas with captivating maneuvering and technical prowess.

The match commenced with Jordan Leavitt delivering a formidable ground strike, showcasing a more aggressive side and aiming to impose his dominance on the young Hooper. Despite this early aggression, Chase Hooper displayed remarkable Fight IQ.

He capitalized on a momentary scramble, swiftly transitioning into a masterful RNC. Securing the body triangle and firmly locking in the submission, Hooper confidently executed his strategy. This left Leavitt with no alternative but to submit.

This win marks the second consecutive victory for the 24-year-old Chase Hooper. He previously won against Nick Fiore via previous unanimous decision earlier in the year. Having oscillated between wins and losses during his tenure in the featherweight division, Hooper’s seamless transition to the lightweight category seems to mark a significant shift in his career trajectory.

Official Outcome: Chase Hooper secures victory via submission (RNC) in Round 1 at 2:58

Jordan Leavitt disclosed to the media before the match that his spouse was expecting their second kid four days after the event. Consequently, he had resolved to withdraw from the competition in the event that his wife went into labor on the day of the match.

He said: “So, my baby is due four days after the fight, so this has the potential to be the most stressful week of my life. That’s my main concern for this entire camp; like, just don’t go into labor on the weigh-in day or fight day and it’ll be good because I’m sorry, I’m not gonna do the whole thing like, ‘she’s gone into labor, you gotta win this fight early.’ No, I’m out.”

He went on to say: “Fight is not happening and I’m gonna faint backstage, you’ll see it. My wife goes into labor, I’m sorry, I’m not going. I’m not fighting. Sorry Chase, sorry UFC.”

Chase Hooper cleverly replied: “Hope that baby stays put then 😅😅😅”

Even though Jordan Leavitt was able to make it to the UFC octagon, things didn’t go as expected. With an aggressive takedown and subsequent submit by rear naked choke, Chase Hooper emerged victorious in the brief back-and-forth bout.