UFC Vegas 67 presser goes wild: Middleweight flies off the handle, rants against past opponent

UFC middleweight contender Abdul Razak Alhassan fired shots at former opponent Joaquin Buckley. Alhassan still holds a grudge over a split decision loss he suffered last year.

Abdul Razak Alhassan exchanged blows with Joaquin Buckley at UFC Vegas 48 in February of last year. They clashed in a 3-round fierce battle. It was a close match where Buckley came out as the winner via a split decision.

After that match, Alhassan competed in the recent UFC Vegas 67. He successfully bounced back viciously knocking out Claudio Ribeiro early in the second round. During the post event press conference, the 37-year-old Ghana native expressed how great it feels to earn a victory by knocking out an opponent.

“It’s always amazing when you knock somebody out. That feeling can never go away. And that’s the same feeling that, any time I go into a fight, I fight like a maniac. Like a hungry lion who just saw a gazelle running, and he just started chasing, not even looking at his left and right. And my coaches were like ‘no, you cannot be that dumbass lion. You’ve got to be the smart one.” Alhassan said.

Alhassan is currently 12-5 in his professional career. He earned all of his 12 victories via knockouts ever since he made his debut in 2013.

When talking about potential opponents, Alhassan quickly mentioned Joaquin Buckley. He quickly became temperamental and started cussing while expressing how much he wants to get locked in the octagon with Buckley again.

“I want to fight that b*tch-ass Buckley again. If anybody see him, tell him I say he’s a f*cking b*tch. He’s a p*ssy. Can I say that? He’s a f*cking p*ssy, like a big-ass p*ssy.” Alhassan said.

He continued, “Okay so I know it’s the fight game, but when you talk so much sh*t and you stand in front of another guy and be like ‘I’m going to knock you the f*ck out,’ and we have an agreement, let’s go in the center of the ring, let’s f*cking bang and see who the f*ck is going to go down first, and b*tch-ass throws one punch, he’s like ‘uhh let me take you down.’ You’re a bitch, Buckley. If you’re watching this, you’re a b*tch. I want to whoop your *ss, I swear, you’re a f*cking b*tch. Sorry man. He’s still a b*tch.”