UFC Vegas 61: Zuckerberg’s wife steals the show reacting to MMA like any of our mothers

UFC Vegas 61 was an interesting case of a card that lacked star power but made up for it in the audience. The card was closed to the public and the media all so Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg could enjoy it with a handful of his closest friends.

Zuckerberg was accompanied by his wife at the event and even got to meet Mackenzie Dern in lead up to main event.

Zuckerberg thanked Dana White for the invite in instagram post.

The verified commenter below Zuckerberg is Meta head of communications Melinda Davenport. This wasn’t Davenport’s first time at UFC – she attended the UFC Paris weigh ins and show.

While the rumors of a professional collaborations brew we turn our attention to Zuckerberg’s wife. Her reaction to Raoni Barcelos vs Trevin Jones  went viral.


UFC talent wasn’t too pleased with the big boss closing the door to accommodate one of the biggest losers in tech right now.