Robertson chokes out Agapova who turns blue, bites tongue and goes out

Gillian Robertson put on an interesting performance at UFC Vegas 60. Robertson was determined to get a finish on Agapova who was content to pick her apart with striking in round 1.

Agapova came into the event injured having previously told media she accepted out of necessity because she can’t afford surgery.


“It’s still bad and I still need surgery,” she told Sportskeeda of the injury. “So after my fight, I will do the surgery, but my life situation is very bad right now, that’s why I can’t go to surgery before this fight. I work [as a] bouncer right now at the club and no one gives a s*** about me honestly.

“After I get hurt and my sponsor didn’t want to sign with me, and I just get bouncer work and [I’m] working with [an] injury. I’ve got to go fight with an injury and I believe in myself, I believe I can win still with this injury. I want to do this and just not give people free stuff from myself any more.”

“I get to this point because I helped a couple of losers, I was thinking that I helped making them successful, but no, it doesn’t work like this. I become a f***ing loser because I try to help f***ing losers. I just got broke and I had to work all of my camp like a bouncer, but this still helped me because I feel a regular person life doing a regular person job and earning regular person money.”

Agapova was aware of Robertson’s plan and was clearly planning for it. She would go on to land huge elbows while Robertson was holding onto the single leg. Round 1 landed with Agapova saved by the bell – Robertson had a locked in arm triangle.

Robertson’s eye developed a big swelling in between rounds.

Despite the damage Robertson had taken she was all in on the game plan. In Round 2 she landed another takedown and started working her grappling game once again. Agapova definitely had heart and was determined to defend however soon it became apparent that things were serious.

Agapova first started to spit out the mouthguard with Robertson locking in a short choke over her jaw or so. But as they moved around, and the mouthguard went completely out Robertson went under the chin. At this point it was just a matter of time for Agapova. She refused to tap and had slowly started morphing colors. It ended with her turning blue and being completely out of it, with her tongue caught between her teeth as she went out.

Maraya Agapova was biting her own tongue and essentially foaming at the mouth from the choke applied by Gillian Robertson.