UFC Vegas 50: Khalil Roundtree gets a crazy body soccer kick KO

UFC Fight Night wasn’t the most hyped-up event, but the card is shaping up to become one of the best cards of the year so far.

In the third fight of the main card, Khalil Roundtree obliterated his opponent Karl Roberson in the second round of the fight.

After the first round wasn’t the most active, Roundtree turned things around in the second and brought the fight to his opponents.

Roundtree landed a hard left hand that dropped Roberson to the floor. As Roberson looked like he was gonna stand up, Khalil landed a thunderous soccer kick to his body that sent him back to the canvas.

After allowing him to stand up, Khalil landed two hard punches that dropped him once again, making the referee step in to save Roberson from further damage.

The body kick was so strong that even moments after the fight was called, Roberson was still on the floor, curdling up in pain

During the post-fight interview, Khalil got emotional and talked about topics like depression and how much he wants to be able to help people.

“I gotta say one thing” Khalil stated during his interview. “this month it marks 12 that I’ve been fighting MMA,”

“And I don’t wanna wait until I’m a champion to be able to tell my story,”

“being a 300-pound kid on the brick of suicide, burdened by depression, not knowing what to do with my life, not knowing where to go…” He says as he mentions his past.

“I wanna be able to share that [my story] and inspire people that feel just like I do, [people] that don’t have a dream, that doesn’t know what they are doing, that just need something! I want to be able to share my story with this type of people because maybe there are some lives that I can change.”

“I wanna make a difference in the world!”

With that victory, Roundtree is now on a 2-fight win streak and holds a record of 10 wins, 5 losses, and 1 no-contest.