UFC twerker’s team confronts MMA manager after conflicting stories about UFC PI incident that led to twerker’s coach choking out Edwards

Ailin Perez secured a victory against Lucie Pudilova at UFC Vegas 82, but it wasn’t solely her win in the Octagon that sparked attention. Instead, it was the aftermath involving an explanation about the shinner beneath her eye that intrigued the public.

Perez got the injury after to her UFC Performance Institutealtercation with fellow bantamweight contender Joselyne Edwards. Initially, Perez acknowledged her coach Javier Oyarzabal for mitigating the damage. However, subsequent reports indicated a more complex scenario.

MMA manager Alex Davis brought the incident to public attention, attributing fault to Oyarzabal for the unpleasant turn of events at the PI. Davis disclosed that Perez’s coach attempted to choke out Edwards during the scuffle. He also said that the boxer would have suffered severe injuries if it weren’t for his prompt action.

It seems that Team Perez has responded poorly to Davis’ remarks. The MMA manager recently attacked Oyarzabal on X for trying to scare him after the following revelations:

“This is the truth from the point that I was involved. I just ran into Javier Oyarzabal at the event hotel. This guy confronted me with his group of friends, trying to call me a liar, trying to scare me! You are a coward. You have no business being among us! I am told old to be fighting scumbags in hotel hallways! But f**k you, you a*****e!!”

Contrary to Perez’s narrative, Edwards described a different sequence of events. She alleged that both Perez and her coach attacked her during the altercation.

The boxer went on to say that even after she and Ailin Perez were split up, Oyarzabal still attacked her.

She told MMA Mania: “While we were fighting, her coach attacked me from behind. He was strangling me so that Ailin would hit me. Her coach attacked me. I practically had to fight two of them. He did not protect anyone. He started the fight. He was the one who heated things so that the fight would take place.”

She added: “And then he attacked me and was strangling me. Later, when they had already separated me from Ailin, he was still strangling me and did not want to let me go. He never separated the fight; he attacked me while she attacked me.”

Joselyne Edwards holds a pro-MMA record of 13-5 (4-3 in UFC). She recently suffered a unanimous decision loss to Nora Cornolle.