UFC twerker Jordan Leavitt addresses gay rumors, shares fans are sending him unsolicited nudes

Jordan Leavitt is in a unique position. Leavitt first made headlines when he opted to twerk in celebration after his UFC victory over Trey Odgden. To make it all the more bewildering he did so after a decision victory and it culminated with him doing the splits in the middle of the cage.

His team’s reactions paint a whole other picture.

After this victory Leavitt was handpicked to face Paddy Pimblett. Pimblett has had a rocky time adjusting to the UFC and his success in the cage is far inferior to the level of popularity he brings to the table.

Pimblett would go on to counter Leavitt’s celebration promising to perform a video game celebration if he were to defeat him which he did.

In the end it left a lot of fans confused about Leavitt’s sexuality. And while there’s many gay females in the UFC there haven’t been any male athletes. Which prompted many to assume that maybe Leavitt is. The whole episode had somewhat of a funny outcome with Leavitt receiving many unsolicited pictures in his inbox. He recently addressed the rumors and shared some fun anecdotes:

“When I was in high school. I’ve always been very soft spoken, overly polite, but I think I was just awkward, wasn’t really comfortable in my own skin. I guess now when people tell me I’m gay and they send me penis pictures”

“I just let it roll off my back. I think it’s funny, you know, I can’t be I’m not masculine. I’m not macho. I don’t I don’t fit the whole fighter persona. But you know, I, I read the message and sad about for a second, but then I go home and lay down with my wife.”