UFC Tries To Save Face – Will Cover Cost of Covid Tests For Fighters After All

UFC has been nickel and diming the fighters for a very long time. In spite of having the best fiscal year to date UFC yesterday let the fighters know they would be responsible for the cost of their own Covid testing.

Ariel Helwani  broke the story yesterday saying UFC will no longer cover UFC testing expenses:

“As of this weekend’s UFC card, fighters and corners will be responsible for paying for their own COVID testing expenses, I’m told. Up until this point, fighters and corners did a 10-day pre-departure test, domestically and internationally. That was paid for by the UFC. International fighters/corners went to labs, domestic fighters/corners were sent kits. As of this weekend, they are responsible to take and pay for the tests themselves.”

This was a great opportunity to explain to fighters why Unionizing is the only thing that makes sense.



Following all the backlash and numberless calls to unionize UFC opted to soften their stance. Just today they released a memo designed to make Helwani’s reporting lose credibility. In the new memo UFC chief financial officer attorney Hunter Campbell outlines that fighters will be refunded for cost of testing.

Helwani was quick to respond and point out that this was not always going to be the case.

Absolutely nothing “irresponsible” or “inaccurate” about my report yesterday. I think proves that. I have physical proof of the then-change in policy. Alas, glad fighters don’t have to pay out of pocket anymore.”