UFC strawweight details problematic ‘offers’ she gets emailed: ‘Some guys like to receive pain…’

Prominent UFC women’s strawweight contender Diana Belbita has encountered her fair share of challenges on the road to stardom. Recently, she brought to light an alarming incident by shedding light on the unsettling facets of fan interactions within the MMA realm.

In a distressing revelation via leaked emails, Diana Belbita divulged the details of a disconcerting $1000 proposal presented by a male fan residing in Florida. The fan identified as ‘Danny’ and expressed a deeply unconventional and disturbing desire. He wanted to undergo physical domination, torture, and endure severe pain at the hands of a skilled female combatant.

Within the leaked email, ‘Danny’ outlined specific and disturbing requests. This included grappling, striking, repeated choking to unconsciousness, and inflicting bruises on his body. He also emphasized the necessity of experiencing significant pain, stating his preference for Diana Belbita to administer these acts.

Appalled by the nature of the fan’s request, Belbita took to social media to emphasize its inappropriateness. She highlighted the email’s content:

“If you are qualified and interested in doing this with me, I can offer you $1000 for you to torture me for 90 minutes (split into two 45-minute sessions) as well as cover your round trip air travel to Florida and hotel expenses (1 night), if needed.”

“This is not a joke and I hope it’s not insulting – I have tremendous admiration for female fighters and it’s something I could never do it myself. Some guys like to receive pain with whips and chains. I am kind of like that but prefer kicks, punches, chokes, and armbars so I am hoping we can have a mutually beneficial arrangement.”

The UFC has announced an anticipated showdown between Molly McCann and Diana Belbita. It is slated to occur at the UFC APEX facility on Feb. 3, 2024. This rematch follows their previous bout in October 2019, which saw McCann emerge victorious by unanimous decision.

In their previous bout, Diana Belbita faced a point deduction in the second round due to a fence grab. Since their initial encounter, McCann has experienced a mix of victories and losses. McCann’s recent losses may have prompted her transition to the 115-pound division.

On the other hand, Belbita enters the octagon following a decision loss to Karolina Kowalkiewicz. Notably, the event’s highlight features a middleweight clash between Roman Dolidze and Nassourdine Imavov.