UFC star Sean O’Malley admits he agrees with most of Andrew Tate’s opinions

UFC bantamweight star Sean O’Malley recently shared his opinion on controversial figure Andrew Tate. The eccentric athlete admitted that he mostly agrees with Tate’s statements.

Andrew Tate was a kickboxer who won the ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in England. He also became a businessman and owns several Casinos in his home country Romania. He also has Youtube channels called Tate Speech and TATE CONFIDENTIAL. With all that, Andrew Tate is now a top-tier social media influencer in 2022.

Nowadays, the British-American gained huge fame by creating a mess on social media over his statements regarding gender, women, business, and class. He uses his controversial takes and toxic masculinity to gain clout and followers.

He has several controversial cases since he was in England and was charged with 11 sexual assault cases. In 2017, he moved to Romania but the police have also conducting an investigation regarding human trafficking allegation.

Despite all that, Sean O’Mally is one of many people who admire Andrew Tate. During his recent appearance in his podcast The BrOMalley Show, the 27-year-old said he has never found any statements that he disagrees with.

“He’s a high-value man. I think I get his point. I get his opinions. I agree with most of them. I mean, I really haven’t found one that I don’t agree with. I haven’t listened to everything, though. I’m a ‘top G,’ so I understand what he’s talking about. It was status. Well, when he was talking about status, I got it. I’m the dude. I’m that guy.” O’Malley said.

O’Malley also believes that Tate is brave enough to say some things that a lot of men are afraid to utter. He also credited Tate for winning debates against feminists.

“He gets in debates with the feminists or whatever. And he said they have a hard time debating him. I mean, he’s got good points. He’s got a good point.” O’Malley added.

Sean O’Malley is currently number 13 at the bantamweight rankings. He just had his outing earlier this month against Pedro Munhoz. He accidentally poked Munhoz in the eye and the fight ended as a no-contest. Surprisingly, the UFC gave O’Malley a dangerous opponent, the number one contender Petr Yan. The pair will compete at UFC 280, which is still far ahead in October.