UFC star Paddy Pimblett is game to face Logan Paul, shares fight prediction

After months of getting called out by the YouTube boxer Logan Paul, UFC rising star Paddy Pimblett has now given his answer. Despite the weight disadvantage, the Liverpudlian vowed to knock Paul out in a potential UFC fight.

The 0-1 boxer Paul called out Pimblett for the first time on his podcast. Despite having zero experience in MMA, he believes that he can “take out” the Scouser star.

In a recent interview with Seconds Out, ‘The Baddy’ has now given his answer. He also claimed that Paul called him out because he is the new face of the UFC.

“I’ve told you all, he knows who the boy is, he knows who the face of the UFC is now and it’s me,” Pimblett said.

“I’d f***ing snap his leg for him or knock him clean out. I don’t care what weight he wants to fight at. I’d fight him at 185. I’d probably get him down to 175 or something and I’d fight him at that but I’d fight him at 185 lb.”

A former Cage Warriors featherweight champion, Pimblett’s run in the UFC has been a success so far. In September, he knocked out Luigi Vendramini in the first round, and he submitted Kazula Vargas also in the first round in March.

He will return to the octagon on July 23 in London, facing Jordan Leavitt on the main card.

Meanwhile, Paul’s campaign in combat sports was awfully bad. In his first high-profile amateur bout, he went to a draw with fellow YouTuber KSI. He then rematched KSI in professional boxing but lose by decision. He then fought Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout. While no judges scoring the bout, it is visibly clear that he got toyed around for full eight rounds.

In addition to those, he also made an appearance in WWE Wrestlemania 38, where he was finally applauded for his performance.