UFC star challenges LeBron James: “I’ll wax his a*s”

LeBron James has reigned as the undisputed ‘King’ of the NBA for numerous years. Across various sports, athletes often proclaim themselves as the King of their sport.

However, James is one of the most well-known sportsmen to have had the title. So when people use the term ‘King’, they often mean him.

That needs to be altered, according to one UFC combatant. Bobby Green is a 37-year-old UFC lightweight who wants to lay claim to the title of ‘King’.

In a recent interview, Green boldly asserted that there can only be one true King. He even expressed his readiness to face off against James, stating: “In a drop of a dime. In a heartbeat, without even thinking about it. Hell yeah. I’ll wax his a*s!”

In a surprising move in April 2023, Green announced his decision to legally change his name to ‘King’, leaving behind his birth name.

James stands at 6’8″ weighing 250 pounds compared to Green’s 5’10” at 155 pounds. When questioned about the potential matchup against LeBron James, Green confidently stated, “He’s a big dude but he doesn’t have the skills I’m sorry. Skills pay the bills, sir.”

While a face-off between the two seems improbable, one can never entirely rule out the possibility of the UFC coaxing James into the ring for a memorable clash.

LeBron James’ iconic title was bestowed upon him long before his NBA debut. During his high school days in Ohio, a local sports writer witnessed James’ exceptional talent firsthand. He predicted that James had the potential to become one of the greatest.

On that occasion, the writer proclaimed him “King James.” He has carried with him this moniker throughout his career and people all around the world call him by that name.

Over the years, LeBron James has not only upheld the prestige of his title but also elevated it to unparalleled heights. A four-time NBA Champion, four-time FMVP, and four-time Regular Season MVP, James even surpassed the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the scoring title in the previous season.

At the age of 38, James continues to surprise everyone by showcasing an extraordinary level of performance.