UFC rumored to be collaborating with Meta, no media or audience for UFC Vegas 61

Mark Zuckerberg made MMA news last month when it was revealed during his appearance on the Joe Rogan experience that he both trains and watches MMA.

Zuckerberg apparently likes the clarity of mind he has during training enabling him to operate better during working hours.

Earlier today news broke that UFC Vegas will be featuring no media.

Behunin clarified: “Media Day and Officials Weigh-ins will available for media just not fight night”

“UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Yan taking place at the Apex on October 1st will be closed to the public and media,” the UFC confirmed in a statement.

MMA Mania’s Drake Riggs commented on the closure, tweeting: “They better have a good reason for this because that’s an exposure blow to all the winners who now won’t get post-fights scrums.”

FanSided’s Amy Kaplan responded to Riggs, writing: “This is my BIG concern. These fighters deserve that.”

Soon after another member of MMA media hinted that it’s not a Covid related thing – and that it was an ‘overall positive’ development.

Another member of MMA community on twitter shared that there are rumors floating that this is all because of some collab UFC is planning with Meta the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and more.

“Prevailing thought is that #UFCVegas61 being closed to the public (both media and fans) has to do with a collaboration of some kind with Metaverse.

Dana White met with Mark Zuckerberg earlier this month.”

Meta’s Horizon Worlds VR creation sandbox has been widely criticized.

Criticism prompted an instant response.

Zuckerberg remains optimistic about a Meta metaverse return despite the public lack of interest.

He stated during an appearance on The Joe Rogan Podcast.

“You know the next vision for the broader internet could potentially get there, you just don’t know how long it takes and what exactly Meta’s role will be… all you know right now is, essentially, it’s going to cost a lot of money.”

“My goal for these next set of platforms, they are going to be more immersive, and hopefully they’ll be more useful – but I don’t necessarily want people to spend more time with computers. I just want the time that people spend with screens to be better.”

Even the poster for UFC Vegas 61 appeared to hint at a virtual reality – not to mention that poster was critically panned.

UFC Vegas 61’s poster was called the “worst poster of the year” at least once in response to the featured Tweet above, and several fight fans labeled the artwork “garbage.”