UFC Releases Fighter One Month After Receiving Debilitating Knee Injury In Cage

UFC has done something stone cold. The promotion opted to sever the contract of Modestas Bukauskas just one month after he was on the receiving end of a leg kick KO that shocked the world.

Khalil Rountree delivered a finish worthy of a highlight real. The American light heavyweight fighter was on a two fight losing streak when he decided to try something controversial – he delivered an epic oblique kick to finish Bukauskas.

Rountree delivered a first finish with the technique. While we’ve seen these kicks before – often to a great detriment of the fighters on the receiving end – there’s never been a finish like this.

And Bukauskas’ prospects just got a lot worse. The promotion announced it would be severing the contract with him late yesterday.

Bukauskas’ release comes after three consecutive octagon losses. He was looking at a roughly 6 months of recovery prior to these news- he told MyMMANews.com:

“Obviously it’s extremely painful because they had to do quite a lot of stuff in there,” he said of the knee surgery. “But the main thing is that it went extremely successful. Everything went to plan and I’m on the full road to recovery. I knew it was gonna be a quite painful operation because it’s the most I’ve had done, but hey, I’ll be back firing on all cylinders whenever I come back.”

“I definitely feel I’m UFC caliber and I’m ready to go on and put on a show,” he added later. “I’ve learned my lessons and I’ve learned the things I need to correct.”



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