UFC Releases Fighter Following Domestic Abuse Allegations

UFC’s stance on domestic abuse can be best characterized as loose. After all they kept on parroting the same line about due process, independent investigation and other company lines. But it turns out that when you’re not very marketable, that tolerance goes way down. Like – cancel your contract down.

Of course this isn’t about Jon Jones or any other marketable star – it’s about the violent Bob Ross aka Luis Pena.  UFC lightweight Luis Pena has been repeatedly arrested in 2021. This latest domestic disturbace is already 3rd this year.  TMZ has reported on a 911 call from Pena’s girlfriend.

“He punched me in the face,” she said (per TMZ). “But, he did this also two days ago, I have the mark, I have a band-aid on my back. I have everything to prove it, so I would like the police to come and remove him, so I can get my things and go the f–k home.”

In addition to this she also said: