UFC promoter Hasbulla tries to justify mistreating his cat in viral video

Hasbulla is a social media sensation with over 8.3 million followers. But his beloved status might be coming to an end.

He found himself at the center of a social media storm after posting a video where he appeared to pull his cat’s ear. The video sparked allegations of animal abuse, leading to a backlash from a section of his followers.

UFC’s Dan Hooker slammed Hasbulla for his behavior.

In response, Hasbulla has come out to defend himself and his actions.


The video, which showed Hasbulla disciplining his cat for disobeying him, quickly went viral.

While some viewers saw it as harmless, others accused Hasbulla of mistreatment. The accusations triggered a social media campaign aimed at canceling Hasbulla.

Many users called on him to be removed from social media platforms, and some even went as far as reporting the incident to animal welfare organizations.

Hasbulla has come out to defend his actions. He explained that the video was taken out of context and that he was merely disciplining his cat for misbehaving. He went on to state that he loves his cat more than anything and that he would never hurt him.

Hasbulla’s supporters have also rallied to his defense, with many pointing out that the cat appeared unharmed and that the incident was blown out of proportion.

They argue that cancel culture is becoming too extreme, and that people are quick to judge and condemn others without first understanding the context of the situation.


Despite the social media storm, Hasbulla’s star continues to rise. He recently collaborated with major influencers and generated millions of views on YouTube. He has also signed a deal with the UFC and has his own merchandise on the UFC store.