UFC Orlando Highlights: Dolize uses calf slicer bear trap to execute GNP finish over Hermansson

Jack Hermansson was optimistic going into UFC Orlando. Hermansson was originally booked to face Derek Brunson however once Brunson was forced to back out of the event, Georgian Roman Dolidze stepped in on short notice.

Dolidze jumped at the chance to get a chance to face off against Hermansson who was ranked at number 8 prior to event.

Dolidze appeared the bigger man in the cage, but Hermansson was still quite adamant to try and execute offense.

Mid round, Hermansson tried for a duck under and landed a takedown. Dolidze defended with a guillotine but quickly scrapped once he realized he didn’t have the choke.

Instead he focused on sweeping. Hermanssson stayed on him and tied him up near the fence.

At the end of round one, Hermansson appeared to be ahead on the judges scorecards.

In round two, Hermansson once again shot for a takedown but misjudged proximity. Dolidze kept switching stances to no avail.

Once against Hermansson landed a takedown on Dolidze and put him on his back. Dolidze had his mind set on a sweep but locked in an armbar. He opted to abandon that for a triangle attempt that appeared tighter. Hermansson barely got out when Dolidze used the calf slicer submission as a type of control to take the back and trapped Hermansson’s wrist.

In this position Dolidze was able to pound away with Hermansson helplessly stuck on his belly.

Ref waved it off subsequently.