UFC no longer testing for Covid nor requiring the use of masks

When the pandemic hit in 2020 most professional sports had to go on a hiatus. UFC somehow managed to not miss a step and deliver even during those trying times.

They introduced protocols and tested athletes and their teams in order to avoid backlash and keep their shareholders satisfied.

“We were trying to figure out solutions to the problems [of enforcing coronavirus protocols] and [asking] how do you bring sports back safely and health and safety is an issue for us,” White said in an appearance on Fox News’s Hannity show. “Every single weekend when we were leading up to these events, we had so many, you know, New York Times and so many other media people trying to sabotage the events so that it couldn’t happen.”

At the time White even accused media of wanting to sabotage the promotion.

White recently confirmed that the restrictions are no longer in place:

But now it looks like we’re all over the hump – with the restrictions loosening up the UFC successfully organized the first even in the United Kingdom in 3 years – and is planning to go back this July.

For many athletes who made their debuts in the last two years – they’ve never actually competed in the UFC in front of a live audience. In order to satisfy restrictions UFC resorted to organizing cost effective events at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. While much of the medical requirements are no longer necessary it looks like UFC Apex events are there to stay.

In many ways they remind of the TUF shows with no live audience and the ability to listen to cornering, strikes and live commentary all at the same time.