UFC Middleweight explains why he stomped that guy in infamous mall incident

In a viral incident that gained notoriety last June, Sharaputdin Magomedov, an undefeated UFC Middleweight prospect, found himself entangled in a mall altercation in Dagestan. The incident, captured on video, showcased Magomedov’s unexpected reaction to a public display of affection by a couple on an elevator.

The video begins innocuously, with Magomedov encountering a couple in the elevator. The man in the couple engages in a seemingly innocent display of affection, kissing his partner. However, what might be considered normal in western culture took an unexpected turn for Magomedov.

Feeling discomfort, Magomedov confronted the man, escalating the tension in the confined space. As they reached the ground floor, the situation turned physical, with the man throwing punches at Magomedov. Despite the initial aggression, Magomedov demonstrated his combat skills by prevailing in the scuffle, landing punches on the ground.

However, the story didn’t end there. Unsatisfied with the resolution, Magomedov waited for the man outside the mall. As the man passed by, Magomedov delivered a sucker punch, rendering him unconscious. To further escalate matters, Magomedov proceeded to stomp on the man’s head, as captured in the viral video.

Surprisingly, the video surfaced three months after the incident, leading to questions about the delay and the apparent resolution between the parties involved. The Dagestani Ministry of Internal Affairs expressed surprise at the public emergence of the video, noting that both parties had supposedly reconciled, and no legal actions were pursued.

Goverment there explained, “You just need to understand the situation. Makhachkala still has its own unspoken laws, its own morality.”

Sharaputdin Magomedov, 29 years old with an unblemished MMA record of 12 wins, recently made his UFC debut, securing a victory by unanimous decision. While major MMA promotions may not be bastions of morality, Magomedov’s actions outside the cage raise questions about the potential recurrence of such behavior.

Magomedov offered his perspective on the incident during an interview.

Magomedov recounted the incident, emphasizing his disbelief at the man’s decision to confront him. The UFC Middleweight stated, “When I made a comment to him, he said, ‘Who are you to talk to me now?’ He told the girl to go. I’m thinking, ‘Are you crazy to try and fight me? He’s a fool.’ I put my hand on his back and said, ‘Okay, let’s go.'”