UFC London: Pavlovich powers through Abdurakhimov landing deadly ground and pound

UFC London continues to bring an awesome night of fights. The heavyweight showdown scheduled for the preliminary card also did not disappoint. Sergei Pavlovich knocked out Shamil Abdurakhimov in the very first round of the fight.

During the last minute of an uneventful first round, Pavlovich was able to turn the fight around by landing a well-placed right hand straight to Abdurakhimov’s chin.

Following that Pavlovich ended the fight by landing several consecutive punches on Abdurakhimov, who couldn’t do anything but try to defend himself. There were some speculations that Abdurakhimov was receiving illegal shots however instant replay debunked those claims.

Just as the fight ended, Abdurakhimov got up and complained that Pavlovich was hitting him in the back of the head during the end sequence of the fight.

After defeating Abdurakhimov (ranked number 10) in the UFC Heavyweight rankings, Pavlovich expects to become ranked UFC fighter.

Pavlovich is on a three-fight winning streak and is 3-1 in his UFC fighter. His MMA record stands out – he now has 12 first-round knockouts in his career.