UFC lightweight Renato Moicano explains violating father’s privacy in a wild octagon speech

UFC lightweight Renato Moicano recently explained the passionate speech he gave after his UFC Vegas 67 victory over Drew Dober, as well as sharing the surprising news that his 62-year-old father is expecting another child.

After defeating Dober via unanimous decision last Saturday, Moicano took the mic and delivered an emotional speech expressing his love for America. The Brazilian  spoke about the freedoms in the U.S., supporting law enforcement, and wanting to join a SWAT team after retiring from MMA.

In an interview this week, Moicano said the patriotic speech just came from his heart in the moment.

“I don’t know why this was in my mind, but that’s something that I have been thinking about, not thinking, but remembering 10 years ago when I was in UFC, I was a kid so I didn’t know anything about life,” Moicano said.

Moicano went on to explain that after achieving financial success in the UFC, he gained an appreciation for America’s economic freedoms and ability to keep what you earn.

“One thing that I value in America, and sometimes in Brazil you don’t have that, is the freedom of speech, the liberty that every state has,” Moicano said. “I think what makes America great is this decentralization, giving power to the people.”

The rising lightweight contender said he was inspired after some of his teammates at American Top Team decided to become police officers. Moicano reiterated his desire to join a SWAT team after retiring from MMA.

In addition to his patriotic speech, Moicano also revealed some family news that surprised many people. He announced that his 62-year-old father is having another child with a much younger woman.

Moicano explained that he only found out about the pregnancy a month ago from his uncle. His father has three other children including Moicano.

“My father is very crazy. He married a young girl, I think the girl is younger than me,” Moicano said. “They had a baby, like, 6 years ago, and now they have another. So I’m just happy for him.”

Moicano’s eventful interview showed two contrasting sides of the dynamic lightweight. His appreciation for America paired with the odd tale of his father’s unexpected late-life fatherhood gave fans plenty to talk about after UFC Vegas 67.

Now ranked #13 in the lightweight division, the passionate Moicano will look to continue climbing the ranks in the UFC’s most stacked weight class.