UFC legend recovering from house fire: Mark Coleman is responsive and talking

In a harrowing incident, UFC legend Mark Coleman narrowly escaped a devastating house fire. Social media posts from Coleman himself reveal the terrifying ordeal he faced. “I’m the happiest man in the world. I swear to God I’m so lucky. I can’t believe my parents are alive,” he wrote, expressing his immense relief that his family members were unharmed.

The details surrounding the fire are still emerging, but Coleman’s account paints a picture of chaos and confusion. “I had to make a decision first because I got out of my room and went to the door and it was already horrible. I couldn’t breathe,” he recounted. The situation quickly escalated, forcing Coleman to act swiftly to ensure his safety and that of his loved ones.

Despite the intense smoke and flames, Coleman’s priority was to locate and rescue a family member, pet Rottweiler named Hammer. “I almost had to go outside and I went back and got him. I can’t believe it. I got him but I couldn’t find him,” he said, suggesting a tense and frantic search amidst the rapidly deteriorating conditions.

Sadly, the animal that initially alerted Coleman as to the fire perished in the fire.

As a pioneering figure in the world of mixed martial arts, Mark Coleman has faced numerous challenges throughout his illustrious career. However, this house fire likely ranks among the most terrifying experiences of his life. The fact that he is responsive and able to recount the events, despite the trauma, is a testament to his resilience.

Coleman’s family started a gofundme and has seen an outpouring of support form the community. The gofundme raised $67,000, $17,000 over the asking limit.

It’s worth noting that Coleman likely has medical insurance considering his family specified that the gofundme is to help him through the recovery process.

“All funds donated will go directly to Marks living expenses as well as support to his adult daughters who will be off work and by his side aiding in his recovery as well as assisting in any necessities the Coleman family needs.”

Ariel Helwani, Megan Olivi, Arman Tsarukian and many other prominent members of the MMA community helped chip in to get Coleman back to his feet.