UFC legend Mark Coleman in critical condition after going to save the family dog in a house fire

A residence in Fremont, Ohio, experienced a devastating fire early Tuesday morning, prompting a swift response from multiple fire departments.

Local firefighters rushed to the 2700 block of South River Road following reports of a structure ablaze around 4 a.m. Given the distance from the nearest hydrant, approximately a mile away, firefighters utilized a portable pond, holding 4,000 gallons of water, to combat the inferno.

Reports indicate that the family residing in the home managed to escape, but tragedy struck as one family member attempted to rescue their beloved dog, resulting in injuries. The individual was airlifted to a nearby hospital, while sadly, the dog perished in the blaze. WTOL was first to report on the tragedy.

The situation worsened as the roof of the house collapsed shortly after firefighters entered the premises, rendering the home a total loss, according to statements from the Ballville Volunteer Fire Department Chief.

The intensity of the fire persisted, with seven fire departments joining forces to battle the blaze. Challenges persisted due to stubborn hot spots in the basement, complicating firefighting efforts.

Preliminary investigations suggest the fire originated in the kitchen, although the exact cause remains undetermined at this time.

As authorities continue to assess the aftermath of the incident, the community rallies behind the affected family, emphasizing the importance of fire safety measures and preparedness in preventing such tragedies.