UFC legend Charles Oliveira fangirls over brutal Rugby slam to the chagrin of MMA fans

Charles Oliveira is one of the most formidable men in the UFC. However, even he is frightened by a legendary Australian rugby league tackle from 1979 that he recently posted on social media.

The former lightweight champion uploaded the video of Balmain fullback Allan McMahon’s vicious hit on Newtown center Mick Ryan at Henson Park.

The Brazilian posted the video along with the caption “Mano” with an emoji of a screaming face. It translates to the English word “Bro”.

His fans were just as surprised as him.

One person commented, “What sport is this?”

Another said, “Do this to Conor McGregor plz.”

‘That was WWE style,’ a third person wrote.

Some soccer enthusiasts believe that the tackle, in which McMahon picked up Ryan and threw him headlong to the ground like a piledriver, was the worst in the history of the game.

After the conduct, Ryan’s Newtown teammates surged at McMahon. Both teams had to be separated after fists were exchanged. Amazingly, Ryan survived the tackle unscathed and continued to play for the duration of the contest.

The footage has appeared on social media a few times recently, with younger fans shocked to learn that rugby league used to be so harsh.

A Facebook user wrote, “Oh my god! How did he not break his neck.”

Another wrote. “The tackler should have received a one year ban.”

McMahon received a four-week suspension after the incident. He was a very gifted player who played five times for Australia in the late 1970s and also went on tour with the Kangaroos in 1978.

Ironically, Ryan and McMahon would partner up in 1982 when McMahon joined Newtown.

Before unfortunately passing away in 2003, McMahon played his last season with Canberra in 1983 and went on to coach the Newcastle Knights in their first season.