UFC is now selling canvas customized with your name for a staggering $1,000

Are you a diehard UFC fan willing to shell out big bucks for a chance to see your name associated with the world’s largest mixed martial arts organization?

The UFC has an offer for you, but it comes at a steep cost with very little to show for it.

For a whopping $1000, fans can have their name “hand-painted” onto the Octagon, the famed stage where UFC bouts take place. However, the question remains, is it worth it?

The UFC is constantly finding new ways to monetize its fanbase, and this latest scheme seems like another attempt to squeeze more money out of them.

While VIP experiences, autograph signings, and meet & greets offer tangible and exciting benefits, having your name printed on a black band around the center of the Octagon seems like a flimsy and empty offer.

Here’s what you need to know about this pricey but hollow opportunity:

For the price of $1000, fans can see their name “hand-painted” onto the black band separating the center of the Octagon from the perimeter. It’s unclear how big the font size will be, but it seems unlikely that it will be discernible on camera during the event.

The UFC is offering to send you  a 78.5cm (H) X 58.5cm display with the canvas cut out featured in it.

By using the magic of photoshop, and the mockup we were able to deduce that the canvas part with your name on it would be around 12cm x 17cm.

Then by extrapolating font size from how much the actual canvas is sent to you we get a roughly font size 50 for a grand total of $1000.

The offer is only available for the upcoming UFC 288 card, and after the event, the UFC will mail fans proof of their purchase in the form of a plaque with a photo and that section of canvas with their name on it. However, it’s unclear what fans will do with this piece of canvas, and it’s unlikely to hold much value.

For most fans, this is a resounding no. While diehard fans may appreciate having their name associated with the UFC, the price seems steep for a virtually meaningless experience. The UFC’s constant search for new ways to monetize its fanbase can feel exhausting, and this latest scheme may leave fans feeling like they’re being taken advantage of. But someone has to pay for the new season of Power Slap, right?